Google Play decided to share some tips and insights on what users value most in apps and how to build sustainable engagement around them.

The research was conducted by the digital insight and strategy consultancy teams at Sparkler and my role was to help their awesome in-house creative team come up with ideas and create 5 looping gifs to illustrate each of these principles in a simple but fun way. 

Read the full article here (it makes an interesting read too).

My role: Concept, Design, Animation

Creative Director: Fran Lee
Client: Google Play
Produced for Sparkler (2018)

Principle #1: Be clear about who you are

Google Play, identity, loop animation, Angela Gigica, motion designer, people change jobs,

Principle #2: Be intuitive and reliable

Google Play loop animation Angela Gigica, motion graphics, angry lady using phone, happy man using phone

Principle #3: Don't stand still or run too fast

Google Play animation, app tips, Angela Gigica, characte animation, run cycle, race, winner, don't stand still, or run too fast

Principle #4: Be part of the user ecosystem

Google Play loop animation, Angela Gigica, motion graphics designer, London, quadrant, man using apps, day and night

Principle #5: Personalize while keeping the user in control

Google Play loop animation Angela Gigica, lady using tablet, personalised products, icecream